“Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it.”


Audio and video software:

  • ffmpeg-normalize
    An audio normalization script for Python/ffmpeg.
  • bufferer
    A tool to insert fake buffering events into video streams.
  • active-video-probe
    An Active Video Probe demo for Google Chrome running HTML5 and YouTube video.
  • ffmpeg-debug-qp
    A script debugging QP values from video streams.

Web tools:

Multimedia quality evaluation:

Various projects from courses:

  • retreval
    A Ruby API for Evaluating Retrieval Results
  • gameClient
    An Android-based game client for a cloud gaming server (never finished though)
  • mappr
    A Flickr visualization for Google Maps on Android. Written for "Praktikum Anwendungsentwicklung" together with Patrik Hummelbrunner.



  • LaTeX paper kit
    Slightly modified Springer LNCS template for LaTeX, including a few demonstrations. Written for "PS Grundlagen Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens". It also features a small README-file. Should get somebody started with LaTeX easily.